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Sunday, June 2, 2002
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Lubbock Church Directory

New on Lubbock's religion scene is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In March, the temple held a week-long open house. After its dedication, the temple is entered only by Mormons in good standing.

Also, The American Muslim Council—Lubbock Chapter organized in October to speak to the community on socio-political issues that concern Muslims.

If you do not find your church in the listings or if there is an error, please call us at 766-8724, e-mail the information to [email protected] or write the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Attn: Beth Pratt, P.O. Box 491, Lubbock, Texas 79408.


Church of God Seventh Day (Iglesia de Dios Septimo Dia), 2524 First Place, 763-4842, various pastors.

Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist, 5801 Eighty St., 793-8614, Sean K. Robinson, pastor.

Manhattan Heights Seventh-day Adventist, 1517 E. 25th St., 765-6170, James Roberts, pastor.


Christian Life Assembly, 5917 W. 66th St., 794-6655, John Murdoch, pastor.

Cornerstone, 5601 Aberdeen, 785-4628, B.L. Tilley, pastor.

Church of the Harvest, 5710 45th St., 797-6713, Jack Hargrave, pastor.

Faith, 5426 50th St., 792-4400, Terry Nesmith, pastor.

First, 3801 98th Street, 783-0800, Tom Lakey, pastor.

Pathway to the Cross, 3115 W. Cornell St., 747-7743, Lauro C. Hernandez, pastor.

Grace, 1114 84th St., 745-1280, Mark Stripling, pastor.

Gulf Latin District, San Antonio, 210-733-6307.

Templo Jerusalem, 3309 E. 13th St., Simon Rodriguez, pastor.

Templo El Redentor, 3610 Dartmouth St., 747-0765, Visente Villalona Jr., pastor.

Emanuel Worship Center, 1107 70th St., 745-1684, RaymundoAlmaraz, pastor.

Templo Sinai, 311 45th St., 747-5654, David Salazar, pastor.

Templo Christiano, 2002 North Ash St., 749-2636, Danny Berlanga, pastor. The Worship Center, 5218 18th St., 785-3609, Todd Turnbow, pastor.

West Texas District Council, 5504 Wayne Ave., 792-5835, Robert G. Slaton, superintendent.


Alliance, 5825 34th St., 799-7948, Sam Silva.

American Indian Christian Fellowship Mission, 5605 46th St., 795-8822, Art Hollingsworth, pastor.

Bacon Heights, 5039 53rd St., 795-5261, Charles B. Murray, pastor.

Baptist Student Center, 2401 13th St., 763-8263, Grear Howard, director.

Bellaire, 5514 34th St., 795-1219, Scott Edmonson, pastor.

Bethany, 4402 40th St., 799-2464, Kevin O'Brien, pastor.

Broadview, 1302 N. Frankford Ave., 797-3038, Truman Johnson, pastor.

Butler Heights (Independent), 4202 Ave. J, 744-3469, Hoytt W. Rachels Sr., pastor.

Calvary, 5301 82nd, 794-4006, Christopher C. Sutton, pastor.

Central, 1809 Ave. M, 763-4193, Dean Harris, pastor.

Centro de Alabanza (Neigh borhood Mission), 2420 10th St., 747-7754, Israel Guel, pastor.

Chinese, 2422 10th St., 767-9115, Robert M. Sea, pastor.

College Heights, 4601 39th St., 792-4196, Rickey Honea, pastor.

Colonial, 2102 49th St., 763-0794, Merle Fulmer, pastor

Community, 220 Martin Luther King Blvd., 747-8708, Larry Brooks, pastor.

Cornelius Baptist Chapel, P.O. Box 1141, (79408) apartment and home ministry, 747-9995, Otis Cooks, pastor.

Divine Love, 3301 E. Parkway Drive, 747-0143, Kenneth Burns, pastor.

Elgin Avenue, 6402 Elgin Ave., 795-0112, Shane Brooks, pastor.

Emmanuel, 101 E. Queens St., 763-9834, no pastor.

Faith, 6002 66th St., 798-1001, Bob Parker, pastor.Faith First, 1504 E. 15th St., 747-6846, Norman Garrett, pastor.

Fellowship, 1901 50th St., 744-4998, Richard White, pastor.

First, 2201 Broadway, 747-0281, without pastor.

First Progressive, 4203 E. 63rd St., 765-0219, Homer Avery, pastor.

First Roosevelt, 1413 County Road 3300, 842-3433, Jack Thompson, pastor.

Flint Avenue, 900 N. Flint Ave., 765-5444, Mario Davila,pastor.

Genesis Baptist Fellowship, 4212 E. 2nd St., 762-4486, Roger Garrett, pastor.

Greater New Light, 3001 E. Seventh St., 740-0955, James Cavanaugh, pastor.

Greater St. Mark's, 1210 Vanda Ave., 744-2298, Leon Armstead, pastor.

Heritage, 8001 Upland Ave., 798-2430, David Lance, pastor.

Highland, 4316 34th St., 795-6453, Stan Blevins, pastor.

Hurlwood, 9417 West Fourth St., 885-4862, Dan Chrestman, pastor.

Iglesia Bautista Templo, 4810 Ave. P, 744-9986 or 797-4321, Ed Sena, pastor.

Indiana Avenue, 95th Street and Indiana Avenue; administrative offices, 8315 Indiana Ave., 797-9704, Jim Gerlt, pastor.

Instituto Bautista Biblico, 206 Ave. T, 744-6091, Mark Holcombe, director.

International Baptist Fellow ship Mission, 2410 10th St., 767-9115, without pastor.

Korean Calvary Baptist Mis sion, 5039 53rd St., 795-5261, Soo Noo Shin, pastor (lives in Carrollton and flies in every Sunday). .

Korean Baptist Mission, 4302 34th St., 784-0040, Song Kang, pastor.

LakeRidge Baptist Church, 4601 82nd St., 794-2666, Kip Clark, pastor.

Lubbock Baptist Association, 4207 34th St., 791-4442, Larry Jones, director of missions.

Lubbock Baptist Temple, 3215 60th St., 799-8141, Wesley Bygel,pastor.

Lubbock Primitive, 441 North University, 744-6162, George Johnson, pastor.

Lyons Chapel, 1704 E. 24th St., 763-7561 or 763-2666, W.D. Davis, pastor.

Mackenzie Terrace, 516 N. Martin Luther King Blvd., 763-8413, S.W. Keeton, pastor.

Memorial, 3017 39th St., 799-8182, Bob E. Fagan, pastor.

Monterey, 3601 50th St., 799-5291, Jim Brown, pastor.Mount Calvary, 2208 Ave. O, 747-6363, Larry Slaughter, pastor.

Mount Gilead, 2512 Fir Ave., 744-5363, J. Jerome Johnson, pastor.

Mount Olive, 887 Flint, 765-8623, C.C. Peoples, pastor.

New Hope, 2002 Birch Ave., 744-3352, Billy Moton, pastor.

New Horizon, 2805 98th St., 745-8517, Jackie Gestes II, pastor.

New Testament, 4401 37th St., 795-9932, Richard Craven, pastor.

New Zion, 1601 Martin Luther King Blvd., across street from Ford Memorial, 762-0232, Norris Harris, pastor.

Oakwood, 6002 Ave. U, 745-5437, Cleve Haley, pastor.

Parkway Drive Baptist Church, 2913 E. Second St., 765-5041, Ruben Osuna, pastor.Parkway Hispanic Mission, 2913 E. Second St., 765-5041, Mario Hernandez, pastor.Pilgrim, 6111 19th St. 792-9150, Wilburn G. Tanner, pastor.

Primera Iglesia Bautista, 301 N. Sherman Ave., 763-1567. Quaker Avenue, ABA, 4405 51st St., 799-6159, Monty Hilliard, pastor.

Redbud, 801 Slide Road, 799-3832, Joe Ainsworth, pastor.

Rios de Agua Viva Mission, 4424 35th St., 281-1994, Pedro Hernandez,


Rising Star Missionary, 2420 E. Cornell, 744-2904, F. B. Bell, pastor.

Rock of Ages Independent, 806 48th St., 744-3921, Howard McCann, pastor.

St. James, 117 Mulberry St., 744-4045, E.L.Harris, pastor.

St. John, 1712 E. 29th St., 762-4823, Solomon Fields, pastor.

St. Luke Greater Missionary, 306 E. 26th St., 744-2728, J.H. Ford, pastor.

St. Matthew, 2020 E. 14th St., 744-7154, Edward Kanady, pastor.

Second, 6109 Chicago Ave., 795-4396, interim pastor.

Shadow Hills Baptist Church, 5911 W. Fourth St., 792-4438, without pastor.

Skyline, 3808 N. Ivory Ave., 762-8491, Stephen Howard, pastor.

Slide, 19101 FM 1730, 863-2137, Andy Hollinger, pastor.

South Lubbock Hispana, 111 E. 82nd St., 745-1019, Joe Lopez, pastor.

South Park, 2201 82nd St., 745-7041, Mel Hooten,pastor.

Southcrest, 3801 South Loop 289, 797-9000, David Wilson, pastor.

Spirit and Truth Fellowship Mission, 4810 Ave. P, Lupe Perez, pastor.

Tabernacle, 1911 34th St., 744-4443, E.L. Bynum, pastor.

Temple, 5413 38th St., 795-5245, Dale Webster, pastor.

Town West, 6606 26th St., 799-4379, Syl Moore pastor.

Trinity, 2707 34th St., 799-4329, Terry Sanders, pastor.

True Vine, 1710 E. 17th St., 7443-1005, George Jackson, pastor.

Unity, 507 Yucca Ave., 747-6794, R.D. Adams, pastor.

Urbana, 2207 Urbana Place, 797-4664, Ramon Gonzalez, pastor.

Wayne Avenue, 5505 Wayne Ave., 799-4305, Jesse Gillham, pastor.

Westmoreland, 5605 46th St., 795-5866, David Diggs, pastor.

Woodrow Baptist, Rt. 6 Box 414, Lubbock, 863-2461, Jerry Gentry, pastor.


Cornerstone Bible Church, 7915 Iola Ave., 783-9551, Richard Grubbs, pastor.Lubbock Bible Church, 6007 66th St., 794-2662, no pastor.

Melonie Park Church, 6602 Indiana Ave., 797-4136, Roger Wisdom, pastor.


St. Andrew Greek, 6001 81st St, 798-1828, John Hill, pastor.


Catholic Student Center, Avenue W and Broadway, 762-1672, Sister Diana Acroush, director.

Christ the King Cathedral, 4011 54th St., 792-6168, Ben Kasteel, rector.

Diocese of Lubbock, 4620 Fourth St. , 792-3943, Placido Rodriguez, bishop.

Mercy Center, 19th and Division, Slaton, 828-6428, Joseph James, director.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 9821 Frankford Ave., 698-6400, Gene Driscoll, pastor.

Our Lady of Grace, 3119 Erskine St., 763-4156, David R. Cruz, pastor.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1120 52nd St., 763-0710, Jim O'Connor, pastor.

St. Elizabeth's, 2305 Main St., 762-5225, Timothy Schwertner, pastor.

St. John Neumann, 5802 22nd St., 799-2649, Victor Wanjura, pastor.

St. Joseph's, 102 N. Ave. P, 765-9935, Michael O'Dwyer, pastor.

St. Patrick's, 1603 Cherry Ave., 765-5123, Cornelio Ramirez, pastor.

St. Theresa, 22nd and Upland, 795-2249, Aidan Maguire, pastor.


Corpus Christi Chapel (Latin Mass), 1114 30th St., 744-6363, Joseph Noonan, pastor.

CHRISTIAN (Disciples of Christ)

Community, 3417 96th St., 792-0500, John Givens, pastor.

First Christian, 2323 Broadway, 763-1995, Michael Passmore, pastor.

Lubbockview, 3301 34th St., 799-3612, interim pastor.

Westmont, 4808 Utica Ave., 795-2555, Clint Stephenson, pastor.

CHRISTIAN (Independent)

Raintree, 3601 82nd St., 797-3097, Lanny Hemmings, pastor.


First Church of Christ Scientist, 2202 Broadway, 762-1883.


Acuff, east of Lubbock, 842-3879, Gene Klutts, minister. Broadway, 1924 Broadway, 763-0464, Rodney Plunket, minister.

Caprock, 5201 University Ave., 795-1861, Daniel Dow, minister.Carpenter's Church, 708 Ave. T, Jim Beck and Brent McCay, ministers, 765-5500.

Central Lubbock, 1409 23rd St., 744-8633, Leonard Jarman, minister.

Colgate Street, (Hispanic) 2603 Colgate St., 765-6030, , pastor.

Green Lawn, 5701 19th St., 795-4377, Dale Mannon, minister.

Eclesia de Christa, 501 Martin Luther

Indiana Avenue, 6111 Indiana Ave., Brett Hogland, minister, 795-3377.

Kings Ridge, 4201 98th St., Ira Lynn minister.

Lakeside, 702 76th St., 745-1675, without minister.

Manhattan Heights, 1702 E. 26th St., 763-0582, Tyrone Dubose, minister. Monterey, 3616 58th St. 795-5201, Barry Stephens, pulpit minister.

North Martin Luther King Blvd., 501 N. Martin Luther King Blvd., 744-9616, Moises Perez, minister.

Northside, 103 E. Tulane St., 763-1687, David Luke, minister.

Parkway Drive, 3120 Parkway Drive, 762-3546, Gerald Jackson.

Quaker Avenue, 1701 Quaker Ave., 792-0652, David Langford, Ellmore Johnson and Carey Jones, ministers.

South Plains, 6802 Elkhart Ave., 794-3594, Jim Brewer, minister.

Southside, 8501 Quaker Ave., 794-5008, Tommy J. Hicks, minister.

Christ in Action Student Ministries Student Center, 2406 Broadway, 765-8831, Adam Looney, minister.

Sunrise, 4406 N. University Ave., 762-2972, David Peebles, minister.

Sunset, 3723 34th St., 792-5191, Dan Rouse, minister.

Third Street, 2012 Third St., , member, L.G. Butler.

Twentieth and Birch, 2001 Birch Ave., 744-0020, Dennis Bell, minister.

Vandelia, 2002 60th St., 744-8439, Doug Hale, minister.

West End, 6305 26th St., 799-6813, Nathan Fritz, minister.

Wolfforth, 5th and Main, Wolfforth, 866-4578, Alva Conklin, minister.

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