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Sunday, June 2, 2002
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County, City Services

City/county/school officials


1625 13th St., Lubbock 79457, 775-3000

Mayor: Marc McDougal

City Council

District 1: Victor Hernandez

District 2: T.J. Patterson

District 3: Gary Boren

District 4: Frank Morrison

District 5: Tom Martin

District 6: Alex ''Ty'' Cooke

City Manager: Bob Cass

City Secretary: Becky Garza

City Attorney: Anita Burgess

Municipal Judge: Robert Doty


Lubbock County Courthouse, 904 Broadway, Lubbock 79401, 775-1000

County Judge: Tom Head (R)

County Commissioners

Precinct 1: Kenny Maines (R)

Precinct 2: James Kitten (R)

Precinct 3: Gilbert Flores (D)

Precinct 4: Patti Jones (R)

County Clerk: Doris Ruff (R)

Criminal District Attorney: Bill Sowder (R)

Sheriff: David Gutierrez (R)

County Treasurer: Connie Nicholson (R)

Tax Assessor/Collector & Voter Registrar: Barbara Brooks (R)

District Clerk: Jean Anne Stratton (R)

District Courts

72nd: Judge J. Blair Cherry Jr. (R)

99th: Mackey K. Hancock (R)

137th: Judge Cecil G. Puryear (R)

140th: Judge Jim Bob Darnell (R)

237th: Judge Sam Medina (R)

364th: Judge Brad Underwood (R)

County Courts-at-Law

1: Rusty Ladd (R)

2: Drue Farmer (R)

3: Paula Lanehart (R)

Justices of the Peace

Precinct 1: Jim Hansen (R)

Precinct 2: Jim Dulin (R)

Precinct 3: Aurora Chaides-Hernandez (D)

Precinct 4: Bob Blackburn (R)



LISD Administrative Office; Jack Clemmons, superintendent; 1628 19th St.; Lubbock 79401-4895; 766-1000

Board of Trustees

District 1 Trustee: Linda DeLeon

District 2 Trustee: Vernita Woods-Holmes

District 3 Trustee: Karen Slay

District 4 Trustee: Gary Cocanougher

District 5 Trustee: Mark Griffin

Trustee At-Large: Roy T. Grimes

Trustee At-Large: Gordon Wilkerson

HEAD:Lubbock Neighborhood Association works to enhance quality of life in Lubbock


Lubbock County Courthouse, 904 Broadway, 775-1000

Adult Probation/Community Supervision, 701 Main St., 775-1200

Agricultural Extension Service, 1418 Ave. G, 767-1190

Business crimes and hot checks, Criminal District Attorney's Office, County Courthouse, 775-1111

County Jail, 775-1496

County Judge, County Courthouse, 775-1086

Child support records, District Clerk, 775-1314

Real property records, County Clerk, County Courthouse, 775-1060

Vital statistics, County Clerk, County Courthouse, 775-1054

Road and street maintenance and repair, consult county commissioners, County Courthouse, 775-1335

Emergencies, Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, 911; Sheriff (non-emergency) 775-1400

Property tax appraisal information, Lubbock Central Appraisal District, 1715 26th St., 762-5000

Vehicle registration, 916 Main St., 775-1344/fax 775-1551. Lowe's and United Supermarkets in Lubbock and 2J's Thriftway Supermarket in Idalou can renew current registrations for passenger vehicles. Vehicles in Lubbock County also can be registered online at:

Lubbock vehicle registration substation, 5211 Brownfield Highway, 792-0806/fax 792-0701

Slaton vehicle registration substation, 240 W. Garza, 828-3282

Voter registration, 916 Main St., 775-1339; Lubbock substation, 5211 Brownfield Highway, 792-0806.


City Hall, 1625 13th St., 775-3000


Lubbock Fire Department, emergencies, 911; other calls, 775-2632

Lubbock Police Department, 1015 Ninth St., emergencies, 911; other calls, 775-2865


Lubbock Power & Light & Water, 1301 Broadway, 24-hour service, 775-2555


Lubbock International Airport, North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and East Bluefield Street, 775-2035

Citibus, 801 Texas Ave., 762-0111

Special Events

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, 1501 Sixth St., 775-2242

Lubbock Municipal Auditorium and Coliseum, 2720 Drive of Champions, 775-2242


Department of Parks and Recreation, 1010 Ninth St., 775-2687

Community Centers

Hodges, 4011 University Ave., 767-3706

Maxey, 4020 30th St., 767-3796

Rawlings, 213 40th St., 767-2704

Maggie Trejo Supercenter, 3200 Amherst St., 767-2702

Simmons, 2300 Oak Ave., 767-2700

Woods, 517 E. Zenith Ave., 767-2698

Senior Citizen Centers

Maggie Trejo, 3200 Amherst St., 767-2705

Lubbock Senior Center, 2001 19th St., 767-2710

Rawlings, 213 40th St., 767-2704

Simmons, 2303 Oak St., 767-2708

Swimming Pools

Clapp, 4500 Ave. U, 767-2736

Maxey, 4020 30th St., 767-3739

Rodgers, 3200 Bates St., 767-2734

Simmons, 2300 Weber, 767-2732

Woods, 517 E. Zenith Ave., 767-2730

Animal problems

Animal Control, 401 N. Ash Ave., 775-2057; after hours, 775-2057


Godeke Branch, 6601 Quaker Ave., 792-6566

Groves Branch, 5520 19th St., 767-3733

Mahon (Main), 1306 Ninth St., 775-2834

Patterson Branch, 1836 Parkway Drive, 767-3300

Building Permits

Building Inspection, 1625 13th St., 775-2088

Code Complaints

Environmental Inspection Services, 1625 13th St., 775-2123

Public Health

Lubbock Health Department, 1902 Texas Ave., 775-2933

Garbage Removal

Solid Waste Department, 324 Municipal Drive, 775-2482

City landfill

8425 N. Ave. P, 767-2492

or 17304 N. FM 2528, 757-2151

Recycling centers

324 Municipal Drive

1631 84th St.

2002 Elmwood

Recycling information line 775-2491

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