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Sunday, June 18, 2000
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  The Big XII women's golf tournament took advantage of Lubbock Country Club this year. The club is also home to other tournaments during the year.
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Golf fans have course choice when practicing their swing
Both public, private courses abound for enthusiasts of sport


One of the more surprising facets of Lubbock is the quantity and quality of golf courses that reside within the city limits.

At first glance, the Hub City wouldn't appear to be prime real estate for golf courses with wind-swept and nearly treeless terrain prevalent through most of the area.

But once within the city, choices abound for golf enthusiasts who are looking for some top-notch public courses.

Near the top of any list pertaining to public golf courses would have to be the Meadowbrook Golf Complex, located in Mackenzie Park.

With two 18-hole courses at the complex, Meadowbrook ($15 weekday green fees; $19 weekend) is a premier facility for an enjoyable outing on the links.

"There's not another course that compares to the layout we have," Assistant Manager Tom McClure said. "With us having two courses, the average round takes 41/2 hours, which is a quicker pace. And that appeals to most golfers."

Shadow Hills Golf Course is also great facility. Located at 6002 3rd St., Shadow Hills ($14.75 weekday green fees; $19 weekend) offers some of the nicest fairways in town.

Elm Grove Golf Course ($12 weekday green fees; $16 weekend) boasts of having the best greens in town. The course is located at 3202 Milwaukee Ave.

Reese Golf Center ($12 weekend green fees; $15 weekend) is one of the premier nine-hole facilities on the South Plains. Located at 1406 Quitsna Ave., Reese hosts one of the city's major tournaments during the summer.

For help on those troublesome par-3s, King Park Golf Course is the answer.

The nine-hole, 697-yard par-3 layout is a challenging course for golfers of all skill levels. It is located at 4202 78th St.

A great change of pace can be found at Stone Gate Golf Course, at 111th and Indiana Ave.

The course is a regular par-35 on the front nine, but is a par-3 course on the back nine. In addition, the back nine is lighted for the nocturnal golfer's pleasure.

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